Since Zuzu came to our world, Ramadan holy month has always been extra special and different. Since 2016, we have always been rewarded with “solutions” to Zuzu’s “case” in Ramadan… no specific reason for this except that we do really very deep prayers asking God to enlighten the right way, as making decisions for a special, challenging, non- verbal person is the hardest thing we have ever met till now!


This Ramadan we really thanked god for the Covid-19 lockdown, despite it being the hardest time we have ever passed with Zuzu. This lockdown made us smoothly make some life-changing decisions which we were very hesitant to take a few months ago (we were afraid of breaking her comfortable, stable, and routine zone).


Months ago, I felt something wrong, and that this is not the way she should be operating her life. I have always been known for how good I am in searching and digging, so I kept digging to the point that I found myself lost with concrete answers to my suspicions, and I wished that I have never reached that point. We didn’t have the courage to face this, and we decided to postpone making any decision till next year because we had nothing to do!


We kept praying and praying God to help us and not to waste more time, then the Covid-19 lockdown came really fast! And now, since Ramadan 2020 (May 2020), Zuzu is REALLY talking to us because of Rett University! Despite the distance, the oceans and the thousands of miles between Zuzu and Rett University, the amazing teacher Ms. Kourtney, who is beyond creative and very clever, was able to make Zuzu (who was never fond of video calls with family members) to be excited and eager to meet her teacher online, with every session exceeding our expectations by far.


Ms. Kourtney really made Zuzu’s online sessions rich and worthwhile with all the valuable content and skills she teaches Zuzu and us as parents. It is like a dream to finally use our Tobii properly after 2 years of purchasing it. Thanks a million, Ms. Kourtney for making this happen, and thanks another million for believing in Zuzu from the very first online session, when we discovered with you that Zuzu has lots to say about everything she encounters every day!