We Care About Your Success

Our mission is directly linked with your success in understanding and applying our educational strategies for your Students with Rett Syndrome.

Why Rett University

Our online university aims to prepare teachers, therapists and parents to be trained in various educational settings for individuals with Rett Syndrome.

Forward Thinking

Your instructors are forward-thinking educators, parents and researchers who champion an array of effective styles of education for individuals with Rett Syndrome



Power of Information

Our staff believes in the power of information and including educational research and information related to issues affecting individuals with Rett Syndrome

At Your Own Pace

We understand your schedule and give you the freedom to learn and apply the knowledge at your own pace


You have access to a community of therapists and teachers who are working with Rett Syndrome individuals and are learning to apply our educational courses in classroom settings

Rett University is committed to offering a range of courses to facilitate the development of educational strategies for you to help your students with Rett Syndrome reach their highest educational potential.




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