What do Cairo, Switzerland, Seattle, Tennessee, California, Arizona, Ohio, Illinois, and England all have in common? Rett University virtual consultations, of course!

Virtual consultations have been a great way for Susan and Kourtney to interact with students and continue the development of communication and literacy skills during this unprecedented time in our world.  While there is no substitute for “in-person” interaction, remote sessions are the next best way to ensure our students continue to grow and develop in the home-school environment. As we observe the smiles and giggles, we can’t help but feel satisfaction that virtual interaction is the next best thing to being there. Check out Susan working with one of her clients via remote here. (Link to video)

Rett University is here for you.  We hope our free lessons, Rett U “how to’s”, new courses and Monday Motivations have been helpful.  We plan to continue free weekly content (lessons, book club, etc.), and there are new courses in-work… please provide feedback on any content that might be helpful for you!

We are here to support our families!  For more information on remote consultations with either Susan or Kourtney, email Kourtney@GP2C.org.  We look forward to hearing from you!