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“Our team was fortunate enough to stumble upon Susan Norwell’s website when researching how to teach reading to a Rett Syndrome kindergarten girl on our caseload. When we saw the webinar offered through Rett University, it was exactly what we needed. We decided to watch it together the Spring of our student’s Kindergarten year in preparation for 1st grade. We are blessed to have a wonderful staff who are all interested in working together to help our student access the curriculum. The members of the team that watched the webinar were: our resource teacher, 1st grade teacher, paraprofessional and SLP. We learned so much and took time to stop the session to discuss and clarify when we needed to. I was so much information, I was excited to know that we OWNED it now and were able to watch it again whenever we wanted to. We brainstormed some ideas to put in place right away in the Fall.”


“I love that it’s not just a “kit.” The Guided Reading strategies can be applied in any classroom with any range of good books and literature.”


For so many years, I attended conferences or seminars on Rett syndrome or AAC or literacy, and came home so excited, only to have my hopes dashed, because I just was not able to pass the information I learned on to Abby’s school teams.  Maybe they didn’t want to listen to someone who was “just a mom.”  Maybe I didn’t explain things clearly, or maybe I’m just not an inspirational speaker!  But for whatever reasons, I couldn’t get school teams to listen to me, and to implement the ideas and techniques that were allowing other girls who have Rett to be READING!  Independently!  To be spelling, and sounding out words, not just recognizing a few sight words!  I always thought, “if only I could just bring them with me, so they could hear our Rett experts for themselves.  No one could listen to our pros–to Susan Norwell– and not become a believer!”

I couldn’t convince staffers to attend our conferences, but now, with Rett University, I can bring the conferences to them!  Susan is just as electrifying in the webinars as she is in person, with the added advantage that we can “rewind” and go over the material again.  And seeing the videos of our girls in action is so much more convincing than any description could ever be.  It’s real. It can happen.  And Susan explains in detail just how teachers and therapists and parents can do it.

These Rett University courses are an incredible resource.  They can put the knowledge and the insights of our experts, the people who have spent years researching, working with our girls, believing in them, and loving them,  right into the hands of anyone who is teaching our daughters.  Too often, our girls don’t get a quality education just because people don’t know how to work with them.  Teachers and therapists need to understand Rett Syndrome, and how it affects learning, and they need to know how to adapt their teaching methods and materials so that our girls can access them.  The Rett University courses on reading can teach them exactly how to do that.”



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