Summer is almost over which means it is time to plan for the new school year.  Are you ready?                                                 

Here are some tips for starting the year out right with your child’s team so that this coming year is full of learning, inclusion, and fun for your child:

  • Start a communication log with your child’s teacher
  • Read some back-to-school books with your child to get ready for the new year  
  • Talk to your child about what their goals are for this school year. Write them down and share them (if your child gives permission to share) with your child’s teacher so they know what your child wants to focus on this year
  • Set up some time to talk with your child’s team about the goals for your child and how everyone can work together to create the best year for your child.  This is especially important if your child is starting at a new school.


When talking with your child’s team, here are some important points to cover… 

  1. How your child communicates-best yes, Tobii, facial expressions
  2. What are the parameters around the Tobii? Do you want them to make changes on your child’s device or do you want to be the only person making changes on the Tobii?
  3. Take the Tobii with you and give them some time to explore, ask questions, and learn the language system. Have them use it themselves so they can see what it is like and how hard your child has to work to talk with their eyes.  Make sure they know how to use the side button to bring up the eye-gaze box so they can position the device correctly.
  4. What resources do they need to best educate your child?
  5. ThTobii is for communication, not assessment

Please let your child’s team know that there is help for our complex students and Rett University is here to help.  We offer a variety of services including training, IEP assistance, remote programming, webinars and courses.  We have a flyer available with the services that are available.  Remember also that we have a scholarship program.