Rett U Book Club

Rett U Book Club

Wilbur is different from the other Naked Mole Rats in his Colony, because he wears clothes (and he likes it!) But what will happen when Grandpah, the oldest, wisest, and most naked Naked Mole Rat ever discovers Wilbur’s secret?

Funnyman and three-time Caldecott Honoree Mo Willems exposes the naked truth about being yourself and wearing it well.

Click below for Communicator 5 pageset and a book image to add to the bookshelf!

Communicator 5 Pageset

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  • Unable to open the communication boards in the type of file they are saved in

    Holly Niro Reply
    • Hi Holly. Thanks for your response. The pagesets attached are to be used within Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 software. As a professional, you are able to gain access to the software yourself. You do need to contact Tobii Dynavox to place the request. I hope this helps. Please let us know.

      Thanks so much!

      Roger Brooks Reply

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