Welcome To Rett University!

Rett University is always striving to serve our community. During these uniquely challenging times, we are excited to offer remote consultations to enable and continue the learning process for your student. In the past, we have provided remote services to international families. We are excited to now offer it to all.

Remote Consultation:

Consultations are tailored based on the needs/goals of the student.

Potential consultation objectives may include:


Modeling language


Determining language sets to build better communication


Developing/enhancing writing skills


Establishing engagement tactics for the student in communication and interaction


Assessing reading ability and instructional tactics


Play and interaction with younger students

Creating the in-person feel via remote technology:

We are able to connect to your communication device for language modeling while simultaneously video conferencing with you and the student.

Benefits of Remote Consults:


Eliminates travel and related expenses


Provides schedule flexibility


Highly cost effective

If you would like more information and to see how these remote consultations work and why they are so effective, Susan walks you through the process in this video below:

As you can see, there is so much that can be accomplished by scheduling a remote consultation with Susan Norwell or Kourtney Barnum.

For more information or to schedule


Wishing you the best of health & education during this time.