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Live Rett University Webinars

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MA Special Education Instructor, Previous- Professor at Northeastern Illinois University, Current- Full-time Professor at Rett University

Susan Norwell M.A. Special Education, has worked with a wide array of students, including those with Rett Syndrome, Autism and Multiple Disabilities for the last 40 years. She has spent the last 28 years in private practice working primarily with children on the Autism spectrum and girls who have Rett Syndrome. She is trained in “Greenspan’s Floortime” model and would consider herself a relationship based educational specialist.

Susan’s current focus is in teaching literacy skills for children without verbal language and with significant disabilities while integrating augmentative communication and technology supports. She consults to various school districts on successful education of children with Rett Syndrome and those on the Autism Spectrum and has presented workshops worldwide. Susan is a high-energy consultant who is known for her broad knowledge base as well as practical and creative ideas for furthering the learning of those with the most significant challenges.




ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Homework Pages- Sharing What I’ve Learned! 1 hour July 5, 2015
Creating Social Conversations: Talking Photo Album 1 hour June 30, 2015
Emergent Literacy: Part One 4.5 hours June 2, 2015
Emergent Literacy: Part Two 5 hours June 1, 2015
Word Study Block- (part of the 4 Block Balanced Literacy Model) 3 hours May 3, 2015
Guided Reading: Part One 4.75 hours May 2, 2015
Building Social Communication: From Story Co-Construction to Narratives 2 hours May 1, 2015
Guided Reading: Part Two 4.75 hours May 1, 2015
Writing for Beginners- Foundations & Getting Started 6 hours March 31, 2015
Inclusion Practices & Strategies Using Soft and High-Tech AT 2.5 hours March 30, 2015
All About IEP Meetings!- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 28, 2015
Literacy- Where do we start?- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 27, 2015
Emergent Literacy Basics- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 26, 2015
Balanced Literacy for Students with Complex Needs- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 25, 2015
Modeling Part 3- Moving into Vocab to Describe and Direct- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour, 30 Minutes March 24, 2015
Modeling Part 2- Combining Symbols to Communicate Ideas- Recorded Webinar 1.75 Hours March 23, 2015
Modeling Part 1- What does it look like and why should we do it?- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 22, 2015
Writing- Fitting Flip Books Into Daily Experiences- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 20, 2015
Initial Diagnosis- Now what do we do?- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 20, 2015
Writing- Moving from Scribbling to Conventional Writing- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 18, 2015
Modélisation Partie 1- A quoi cela ressemble-t-il?- Webinaire enregistré 1 heure March 16, 2015