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MA Special Education Instructor, Previous- Professor at Northeastern Illinois University, Current- Full-time Professor at Rett University

Susan Norwell M.A. Special Education, has worked with a wide array of students, including those with Rett Syndrome, Autism and Multiple Disabilities for the last 40 years. She has spent the last 28 years in private practice working primarily with children on the Autism spectrum and girls who have Rett Syndrome. She is trained in “Greenspan’s Floortime” model and would consider herself a relationship based educational specialist.

Susan’s current focus is in teaching literacy skills for children without verbal language and with significant disabilities while integrating augmentative communication and technology supports. She consults to various school districts on successful education of children with Rett Syndrome and those on the Autism Spectrum and has presented workshops worldwide. Susan is a high-energy consultant who is known for her broad knowledge base as well as practical and creative ideas for furthering the learning of those with the most significant challenges.




ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Homework Pages- Sharing What I’ve Learned! 1 hour July 5, 2015
Creating Social Conversations: Talking Photo Album 1 hour June 30, 2015
Emergent Literacy: Part One 4.5 hours June 2, 2015
Emergent Literacy: Part Two 5.5 hours June 1, 2015
Word Study Block- (part of the 4 Block Balanced Literacy Model) 3 hours May 3, 2015
Guided Reading: Part One 4.75 hours May 2, 2015
Building Social Communication: From Story Co-Construction to Narratives 2 hours May 1, 2015
Guided Reading: Part Two 4.75 hours May 1, 2015
Writing for Beginners- Foundations & Getting Started 6 hours March 31, 2015
Inclusion Practices & Strategies Using Soft and High-Tech AT 2.5 hours March 30, 2015
All About IEP Meetings!- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 28, 2015
Literacy- Where do we start?- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 27, 2015
Emergent Literacy Basics- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 26, 2015
Balanced Literacy for Students with Complex Needs- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 25, 2015
Modeling Part 3- Moving into Vocab to Describe and Direct- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour, 30 Minutes March 24, 2015
Modeling Part 2- Combining Symbols to Communicate Ideas- Recorded Webinar 1.75 Hours March 23, 2015
Modeling Part 1- What does it look like and why should we do it?- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 22, 2015
Initial Diagnosis- Now what do we do?- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 20, 2015
Writing- Fitting Flip Books Into Daily Experiences- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 20, 2015
Writing- Moving from Scribbling to Conventional Writing- Recorded Webinar 1 Hour March 18, 2015
Modélisation Partie 1- A quoi cela ressemble-t-il?- Webinaire enregistré 1 heure March 16, 2015


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Rett University

This just in, the research portion of our Power of Your Gift campaign is here. Read the full newsletter at this link: Power of Your Research! We continue our Power of Your Gift theme at the end of the year with our message here that is focused on research.

Our partners at Rett Syndrome Research Trust (RSRT) continue to lead the worldwide community in pursuit of advanced, cure-focused research projects for Rett Syndrome and other MECP2-related disorders, and we are in the battle together! We are grateful that 2018 has been a breakthrough year for Rett research.

The Novartis-AveXis merger has brought the prospect of human gene therapy trials on the near-term horizon, as well as advances in MECP2 reactivation, RNA modification and protein replacement research initiatives.

There is so much promise, and GP2C support of these RSRT programs is critical. To date, GP2C has funded over $1.55M of this exciting and necessary research through the Rett Syndrome Research Trust!

Happy Holidays,
The GP2C Team

- read the full newsletter here:

Multiply Your Impact This Weekend! Our generous GP2C benefactors are excited by your incredible response so they will be matching your donations again! Matching will be applied to the first $5,000 of donations completed by midnight Sunday, December 16th, so please consider making a donation to fund Rett research before the end of this weekend: Thank you!

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Rett University

Wow, these Annie Smith designs are amazing! Grab these for the holidays while you can: Let's hear it for the #HangryHousewife!GOOD FOOD GOOD MOOD! We are happy to announce our collaboration with the one and only Hangry Housewife! These Annie Smith inspired embroidered aprons and cutting boards are perfect gifts for the culinary genius in your home. Bonus: net proceeds from your purchase supports Girl Power 2 Cure's mission across the globe 🧡

Cutting board: Spruce up your kitchen while impressing your guests with this multi-use bamboo cutting board. The laser etched design adds some character for decor & presentation, while the other side operates as a fully functional kitchen utensil.

• Made From High Quality, Organically Grown Bamboo
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• 8"x5.75" Handle to Handle

Apron: you don't have to worry about keeping your clothes clean when cooking! The neck loop and long ties, two front pockets, and intricate embroidery in front all come together in an eye-catching and comfy accessory that'll make you long for more time in the kitchen.

• 70% polyester/30% cotton
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• Two front pockets
• Fabric weight: 9.0 oz

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2 days ago

Rett University

Tonite! Judy Lariviere explores the critical topic of fun & leisure for our kiddos and our families. There's still time to sign up:

5:30 – 6:30 PM PACIFIC⠀
7:30 - 8:30 PM CENTRAL⠀
8:30 – 9:30 PM EASTERN⠀

As a parent, do you often wish that you had more ways for your son or daughter to engage in play or leisure activities on their own or with you, siblings, friends and/or relatives? Would you love for your son or daughter to have more independent control over toys, games, or other everyday activities rather than always relying on hand-over-hand support? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then this is the webinar for you!⠀

In this live webinar, you will be inspired as you learn about new tools and strategies you can use to give your son or daughter increased independence in activities including, but not limited to, reading/listening to books, arts and crafts, taking photos, mealtime preparations, games, etc. Strategies for supporting quick and easy set-up will also be outlined so you can have other family members or caregivers set things up for your son or daughter. A few of the activities presented involve the use of Tobii Dynavox’s Communicator 5 through touch screen or eye gaze technology. Others include web-based games, which can be accessed through a single switch or eye gaze technology. Although you will walk away from this webinar with many ideas, you will be sure to find one that will be the easiest or most fun to introduce to your son or daughter. A resource list with links to toys and tools will be included in the course.

This live webinar will have a format of a 45-minute presentation followed by questions from participants for the rest of the hour or so.

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3 days ago

Rett University

Just a little reminder about Rett Mom and Warrior from California, Malin Delling’s Rett University blog via the wonderful Tobii Dynavox:"A little while ago, the greatest thing happened. We brought the wagon with Lily and her Tobii to our dog park and she made a new friend all by herself - by talking to him." Read this inspiring story by Rett Mom Malin Delling

Thanks, Rett University, for sharing this story with us!
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3 days ago

Rett University

Tonite! Rett University Coach Kourtney Barnum will be participating in Rettsyndrome.orgs webinar on siblings, tune in! ⠀

Reposting @rettsyndromeorg:⠀
"Siblings play a vital role in the lives of children with Rett syndrome. Tonight's RettEd webinar at 5PM (special time) is about the unique challenges and opportunities faced by siblings to those with Rett. Join us! Register today: ⠀
#siblings #specialneeds #challenges #opportunities #specialbond #gift #webinar #retteducation #rettsyndrome #rettawareness #overpowerrett" Girl Power 2 Cure Rett Girl!
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