So funny how life works! Just when you thought the hardest part was affording an amazing communication device, that will change your daughter’s life, you realize the true challenge is not knowing what to do with the device once you have it.

That’s where Rett University and Susan Norwell’s amazing knowledge and online courses really opened up our world. Susan believes that so much is possible. We just have to know how to access our little girl’s world. People still give me unusual looks when I say I am teaching my daughter to read and write, and we have an incredible time doing it.

My daughter, Danté, although she does not have the diagnosis of Rett Syndrome, has regressed in very much the same way, and shares a lot of similar stereotypies as those affected by the disorder. Danté, who is now 15 years old, has an unshakable joy for life, her whole face lights up when she smiles even amidst dealing with all the challenges she faces daily.

I appreciate being able to do online courses all while caring full-time for Danté because it is very difficult to attend courses in person. I have always home-schooled Danté and muddled along, but after doing just one course with Rett University I felt so confident and empowered to teach Danté in a way she could access the information and build her own confidence.

Susan Norwell and Rett University believes in our children’s ability and potential, which is a gift in itself. They emphasize that it’s never too late for them to start learning to read or write. In fact, the same goes for me. Danté is often teaching me way more than I am teaching her, every single day.