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Lesson 1 – Scholastic Learn at Home

Lesson 3 – Partner Assisted Scanning

Lesson 5 – Modifying Math

Lesson 7 – Retelling and Describing

Lesson 2 – Bingo

Lesson 4 – Communicating about the Past and Future

Lesson 6 – Madlibs

Lesson 8 – Flipgrid

How to Use Immersive Reader

How to Increase Font Size Message Window in Snap Core

How to Change or Delete a Link in Snap Core

What is a Communication Partner?

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What is the Primary Goal?

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CVI vs. Visual Processing

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Lesson 9 – Time Words

Lesson 11 – The 80-20 Rule

Lesson 13 – What is Functional Communication

Lesson 15 – School Placement

Lesson 17 – Soft Questioning

Lesson 10 – Brain Pop

Lesson 12 – Teaching the Whole Person

Lesson 14 – Shared Reading

Lesson 16 – Writing With Word Prediction

How to Create a Thumbtack in Super Core

How To: Pairing Yes/No with Symbols

How To: Topic Boards

How To: Gaze Viewer

CVI: Supports for Communication and Literacy

Accommodations for Success

Progress: what does it look like?

Lesson 19 – Grid 3 & Snap+Core Tricks

Lesson 18 – Assessment

Let’s Write About It

The Importance of a Bookshelf

Partner Assisted Scanning