Rett University can work with your district in any number of ways!
Explore the variety of Learning Pathways that will help your schools and districts meet the needs of your students with Rett Syndrome:

  • Comprehensive, effective courses offered to you in various customizable packages.
  • Training that supports district accountability measures and will help your teachers reach their IEP goals and produce measurable results with their students with Rett Syndrome.
  • Focus on improved student achievement
  • Value-priced options with discounts for groups of 5 or more.

With Rett University you are assured of our unparalleled commitment to the development of your teachers and therapists. We offer an array of researched-based online courses designed for busy educators who are working with a Rett Syndrome student. The courses are designed to be “easy to use” and are all video based. Through the power of online streaming video, administrators can hear from our leading experts on important topics for Rett Syndrome students at their pace, at school or at home.

If you would like to discuss professional development opportunities for your school/district, please fill out our group form.