Writing- Fitting Flip Books Into Daily Experiences- Recorded Webinar

Live Rett University Webinars


March 20, 2015
1 Hour


MA Special Education Instructor, Previous- Professor at Northeastern Illinois University, Current- Full-time Professor at Rett University


Literacy , Susan Norwell

This recorded webinar will give parents and teachers ideas on how to fit the ABC Flipbooks into their daily schedule in a natural, authentic way. This recording is appropriate for all participants with kiddos 18 months or older or those that want to see what lies ahead. At 18 months most neuro-typical kiddos are picking up a crayon to scribble. We need to figure out how to mimic this skill development with our kiddos as writing is an essential communication literacy component in the future for them. This is aimed at emergent writers of any age.

Handouts and resources are available and include a keyboard for either Communicator 4 or 5 along with articles to share with education teams.

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