Emergent Literacy Basics- Recorded Webinar

Live Rett University Webinars


March 26, 2015
1 Hour


MA Special Education Instructor, Previous- Professor at Northeastern Illinois University, Current- Full-time Professor at Rett University


Literacy , Susan Norwell

Watch this recorded webinar as we introduce the concept of Emergent Literacy for students with Rett Syndrome and other complex disabilities. Its content is appropriate for both parents and school professionals. A knowledge of reading instruction is not necessary as this webinar will support beginners and seasoned reading instructors who want to learn how to adapt what they know about reading for children who are nonverbal with severe motor limitations.

This recorded webinar will explain the Building Blocks Model of Emergent Literacy as proposed by Patricia Cunningham and Dorothy Hall. Each block will be defined, explained and modeled through a video example. Examples will include both young students as well as adults.

Resources will include handouts, an emergent literacy checklist, list of suggested books for building communication and interaction and suggested apps as well as a Communicator 5 Keyboard to be used with a Tobii Dynavox device.

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