Emergent Literacy: Part One

Live Rett University Webinars


June 2, 2015
4.5 hours


MA Special Education Instructor, Previous- Professor at Northeastern Illinois University, Current- Full-time Professor at Rett University


Literacy , Susan Norwell

This course is designed to support parents and professional in their ability to teach individuals with Rett Syndrome Emergent Literacy Skills.  Emergent Literacy Development is key as the foundation for the learning of more conventional reading and writing.  Individuals with Rett Syndrome succeed with typical Emergent Literacy expectations, but need adapted materials and teaching strategies to be successful.  This course will also embed the use of AAC and technology in order to best support individuals with Rett Syndrome in their learning.


This course covers the theoretical basis of Emergent Literacy and the research supporting it.  A strong connection between communication and behavior/focus/attending will be both taught and modeled with video.  How to teach individuals with Rett Sydnrome and the  important aspects of the disorder will be delineated and examples in videos.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn:

  • basic assumptions about Rett Syndrome to aide them in delivering effective instruction and setting appropriate expectations.
  • how to change their instructional perspective to support individuals with Rett Syndrome.
  • to encourage and set-up play which encourages interaction and vocabulary foundation for language learning.
  • an Emergent Literacy definition and the research to support it.
  • the basics of the 6 Blocks of the Building Blocks Model for Emergent Literacy by Patricia Cunningham and Dorothy Hall.
  • methods for embedding Language learning with Literacy learning.
  • methods for instructing Emergent skills to support Building Block #1.


EMERGENT READING PART 3:  Building Blocks 5, 6, Assessment, School Schedule, and Resources.

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