Emergent Literacy: Part Two

Live Rett University Webinars


June 1, 2015
5.5 hours


MA Special Education Instructor, Previous- Professor at Northeastern Illinois University, Current- Full-time Professor at Rett University


Literacy , Susan Norwell

This course is designed to support parents and professionals in their ability to teach individuals with Rett Syndrome Emergent Literacy Skills. Emergent Literacy Development is key as the foundation for the learning of more conventional reading and writing.  Individuals with Rett Syndrome succeed with typical Emergent Literacy expectations, but need adapted materials and teaching strategies to be successful.  This course will also embed the use of AAC and technology in order to best support individuals with Rett Syndrome in their learning.


This section for the course will cover two of the Blocks within the Building Blocks Model as conceptualized by Patricia Cunningham and Dorothy Hall.  Block #2 is “Learning New Vocabulary and Concepts.”  This block is quite extensive as it covers three strategies for building language and concepts: Immersion in everyday happenings, Immersion in Play and Immersion in Storybook Reading.  All three areas have extensive video examples and also range from very low-tech to high-tech options.  Block #3 deals with Print Concepts and how we help young children and older individuals who are still Emergent, build the foundation needed to be efficient print processors.

Both blocks are rich in research, strategies and video examples.

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