Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities to Read and Write

Authors: Karen A. Erickson Ph.D. and David A. Koppenhaver Ph.D.

We are excited to announce the release of Karen and David’s new book, Comprehensive Literacy for All. In the words of David Yoder, the premise of this powerful book is, “No one is too anything to learn to read and write.” The authors systematically support this life-altering premise for those with severe disabilities with nuggets of research, specific strategies and stories of individuals that made us smile. This is a must-read for anyone teaching reading or anyone who should be teaching reading to those often left behind. Comprehensive Literacy for All will accompany me to every IEP meeting and school consult from now on. And, it might be on my classroom gift list for those that need additional encouragement! At Rett University, we are totally devoted to our girls, boys, women, and men becoming fully literate. Kudos to Karen and David on this fantastic book!

A detailed description of the book can be found here: