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Enjoy this book with your child or student as read and modeled by Susan Norwell! Click below for Communicator 5 pagesets and a book image to add to the bookshelf! Communicator 5 Pageset Book Image Happy Reading!

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We Still Have Work to Do …

by Susan Norwell, co-founder Rett University Maybe you’re like me and feel deep emotions when you hear a family’s story of their child’s initial diagnosis with Rett Syndrome and their journey so far. I am excited that families are getting the word out about Rett Syndrome, boy or girl, yet, saddened that another family has […]

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I Am A Parent

by Abigail Davison-Hoult, mum, wife and Rett University Coach I am a parent. A parent to someone with Rett Syndrome. A child with Rett Syndrome who indisputably is in great general health, so far dodging many of the major symptoms and challenging her diagnosis every day, but a child with Rett Syndrome nonetheless. She is […]

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