It’s May, and the end of the school year is upon us! Like many of you, we feel like this year passed in a blur. Summer is hopefully a time for relaxation, fewer “must-dos”, and more time for fun. But just like you, we want our loved ones to continue learning over summer and beyond. What can summer learning look like for individuals with complex needs? Is summer school the only answer, or are there other options?

Summer Fun Ideas-

  • Book clubs at the library or at home
  • Plan a summer bucket list with your children
    • have everyone get involved and give ideas
    • plan activities, explore your area and go to places you have never been
    • plan indoor and outdoor activities
    • can even be things like family cooking day or family picture day
    • create experiences that your children can communicate about
  • Craft days with friends-child with Complex needs could partner with someone and direct the activity
  • Neighborhood play-put on a play for the neighborhood (Child with complex needs can use their device to participate)
  • Summer camp at home
  • Make a volcano
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Host a lemonade stand
  • Summer camps-
    • Check out the summer camps in your neighborhood and see the accommodations they can provide for your loved one.
    • Great way for social interaction practice and communication

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, share them with us at and we will add them to our social media.