3 Dimensional Family Tree!

This is a great activity to do as a family! Download the Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 pagesets below and have some fun! For more activity step-by-step instructions, click here!

Communicator 5 Pagesets

Chevron Christmas Tree!

Step 1.  Gather your supplies which include- A wood pallet that you can get at any craft store, a paint color for your chevron stripes (let your Rett Girl choose the color), a bunch of Christmas ornaments. The more variety the better and let her choose these too! Last, a hot glue gun to put it all together.

Step 2. Draw the chevron on the pallet board and paint with desired paint color.  Hint:  there is an easy chevron stripe tutorial at www.MommyIsCooCoo.com

Step 3. Place your star or top ornament first. Begin placing your ornaments in a triangle, tree shape using your hot glue gun. Make sure to glue each ornament to the pallet board and to the ornaments next to it.

Step 4. Continue placing ornaments, working down until you reach the tree stand. You may want to draw this in or place a special ornament.

Click below to download communication page sets for this great activity!

Communicator 4 Page Set

Communicator 5 Page Set


Wreath Making Fun!

Halloween ribbon wreath

Step 1. Gather your supplies: A variety of ribbon from your ribbon stash or purchased. Different widths, patterns and textures are the best. The more variety the better! This is where it’s going to be FUN for your Rett Girl! Clip those craft coupons and go shopping! Let her pick out her favorite ribbons! Also, pick up a straw wreath for the base.

Step 2. Wrap your straw wreath in one of your selected ribbons. Solid black works well and keeps the straw from ruining all your fun with the inevitable “peek through.”

Step 3. One option that is great and makes a big difference is to cut the ends of all your ribbons in a V-shape. This will give your wreath a more finished and festive look.

Step 4. Now the fun part! Fluff until you get it how you want it and hang it up!

Click here to download the communication page set for this fun project!

Bow Making AAC Fun!


Click here to download communication page sets for this fun project!

Classroom Spotlight

A classroom in Neptune Beach, FL uses the MOVE Program to provide optimal physical and educational success for their students with disabilities. Follow Evie, a girl suffering from Rett Syndrome, through her school day.

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Feeding Children Who Have a G-Tube
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Amazing Calibration for Eye Gaze!

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